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uLearn Music commenced in 2008 through the voice of parents.  After a successful first year of classroom music for all Prep to Grade 6 students, many parents were asking for the inception of after school instrumental lessons.  So at the beginning of 2008, Lynbrook School of Music was born.

Over the years two more campuses have opened – Lyndhurst Primary School and Courtenay Gardens Primary School (Cranbourne North) – and our name changed to uLearn Music.  Our philosophy, though, has remained the same – providing local, affordable lessons that are R.E.F – Relevant, Educational and Fun.  

Our founder and original teacher, David Taylor, is still teaching and managing uLearn.  Our teachers are made up of professional musicians, career educators and university students.  We are very proud that 3 of our teachers have come through our music school themselves as students in their younger age.  How exciting that they are now sharing their joy of music with the new generation, while continuing their studies to be career educators and profesional musicians.  

We are very excited to welcome our existing and new students to 2023, our 15th year.

Frequently Asked Questions
What age can you begin to learn an instrument?

Typically this is 6 years of age, although there is not fixed age as children develop at different rates. Some younger students greatly benefit from group lessons as their attention span is often too short to justify a full 30 minute private lesson.

My child is only 4 (or 5)

We have successfully tutored children as young as 4 years of age.  The best time to start a child on an instrument is really based on their emotional and behavioural maturity.  Students will need to concentrate for relatively longer periods of time that what they may be used to.

Can adults learn too?

Yes! You can start learning at any age. Adults are welcome. Only private lessons are available for adults.

Do I need to Bring my own instrument?

We provide guitars, pianos and drums during lesson times as these instruments can be difficult to carry around. Guitar students are encouraged to bring their own instrument.  For violin or flute, students will need to bring their own instrument to class.

Do I need to have my own instrument at home?

Absolutely! Lessons are to provide knowledge on technique and music theory, this must be practised at home in order to learn the skills, otherwise it is extremely difficult to progress with your lessons each week.  Visit our instruments page for details on suitable student instruments.  We also offer a very affordable instrument rental service.

Do I need to practise?

Yes, of course. Depending on age ranges, a students could practise anything from 10 minutes to 60 minutes per day.  Your teacher will advise on the most suitable practise regime. Attending lessons alone will not help you progress in learning your instrument.


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