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Our names are Brooke Roberts and Joseph Rolleston and we are the new owners of uLearn Music. We come from diverse cultural backgrounds and skill sets which we believe are valuable assets to this program. 

Brooke is currently studying her Bachelors of Science and Global Studies with majors in Psychology, Developmental Biology and Cultural Competence. She also works as a Disability Support Worker and previously worked as an early-intervention Behavioural Therapist. She has had ample experience in studying intellectual and behavioural development and is passionate about helping others access relevant resources. Brooke has had several years’ experience operating the administrative roles within uLearn Music and will endeavour to help the program grow. 

Joseph has ample experience in music education as he has been involved in music making from an early age. All throughout primary school and high school, Joseph has been a part of music programs, ensembles, percussive groups and has experience teaching his own students. He has also completed a Bachelors degree in Music Performance, focused on jazz drumming and will soon complete a Masters of Secondary Teaching. His passion for music and the arts are some of the many skills that he brings to the business and his ability to support our staff will be instrumental in seeing the uLearn Music program flourish. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you doing face to face lessons now?

Yes! Depending on the recomendations  received from the Dep’t of Health & Human Services, we will continue to operate whilst cleaning instruments between lessons and requesting students to use hand sanitiser.

My child is only 4 (or 5)

We are often asked if young children can start music lessons. We have created a special class for young children that takes them through a journey of the basics of music. At the end of this course (1 term) they can then decide if they are interested in learning an instrument.

What age can you begin to learn an instrument?

Typically this is 6 years of age, although there is not fixed age as children develop at different rates. It is a question of attention span. Very young children are not able to concentrate for 30 minutes and lack some of the basic coordination skills required.

Can adults learn too?

Yes! You can start learning at any age. Adults are welcome. Only private lessons are available for adults.

Do I need to Bring my own instrument?

We provide guitars, pianos and drums during lesson times as these instruments can be difficult to carry around. For violin or flute, students will need to bring their own instrument to class

Do I need to have my own instrument at home?

Absolutely! Lessons are to provide knowledge on technique and music theory, this must be practiced at home in order to learn the skills, otherwise it is extremely difficult to progress with your lessons each week.

Do I need to practice?

Yes, of course. Depending on age ranges, a beginner student could practice from 10 to 20 minutes a day, more advanced students from 30 to 60 minutes per day. Attending lessons alone will not help you progress in learning your instrument.


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