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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms

1. You are enrolled in music lessons until such time as you email us to let us know you do not wish to continue. Please do not text message or call. This means that your enrolment will automatically carry on to the next term and the next year.

2. Cancelling individual lessons must be done using the available website portal. At least 24 hours notice must be provided to avoid lesson fees being charged. Where more than 24 hours notice is provided, a make-up lesson credit will be raised and parents can select an additional make-up lesson via the website portal.  Lesson reminders are sent 36 hours before the lesson to assist you in planning.  Do not reply to the automated reminder emails. If you have difficulty in using the system, please call for assistance. A password reset system is available if you don’t remember your password.

3. All lessons must be paid in advance. Due dates are shown on ALL invoices, regardless of whether you pay per term or weekly.  If paying per term, please ensure payment is made in full by the due date.  If paying weekly, lesson fees MUST be paid ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE

4. If lesson fees are unpaid in advance, your lessons may be temporarily suspended.

5. Normal lessons are not held on school term break or on public holidays.  However, “catch up” lessons or additional lessons/music programs may be available at our Clyde North studios.  Availability details will be communicated before each term break.  If in doubt, log on to the portal to check lesson availability.

6. Lessons ARE held on school curriculum days. Some students attend classes from other schools and our Clyde North studios run independently of local schools. Therefore we run classes as per normal on curriculum days. If in doubt, log on to the portal to check lesson times.

7. If a student is absent for 2 weeks in a row without notification, their place may be forfeited and made available to new students.

8. The student/parent/guardian will notify uLearn Music of any change of address and/or phone number. Please supply an emergency contact phone number.

9. Tuition books may need to be purchased to assist in learning from home. Please check the requirements with your teacher. These can be ordered via uLearn administration. Tuition books are not included in your lesson fees but may be invoiced as a separate item.

10. Students are not required to bring their own instruments to lessons (Except violin and flute). All students are required to have an instrument at home to practise with.

11. Lesson fees are listed on the uLearn website. Please note that lesson fees are listed per student. Standard lesson times are 30 minutes.

12. If there are unpaid lesson fees, we reserve the right to process these fees using your credit card stored on the portal.

What Drives Us

Our Philosophy

The philosophy at uLearn Music is simple: that everyone has the ability to enjoy and create music! Research shows that we retain musical knowledge far more effectively than other knowledge. For example, think back to when you were at school. Try to remember a specific fact that a particular teacher taught you. Hard, isn’t it. Now try to remember a specific song that you learnt. I’m sure you found that memory a lot easier to recall! The fact is that ALL of us can learn to play and/or sing music!

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