COVID Safe Plan

uLearn Music COVID Safe Plan

COVID Safe Plan

Effective Term 4, 2020

Compliance and Adherence Requirements

  • All uLearn Music tutors and parents/students will be provided with our Covid Safe plan (once approved by the school).
  • Our Covid Safe plan requires adherence from both tutors and students/parents.
  • No lessons will be undertaken without agreement from both tutor and students/parents
  • Agreement will be obtained via:
    • uLearn Music Tutors will agree to comply via a separate agreement with uLearn Music.
    • uLearn Music Parents/Students will agree to comply as part of their acknowledgement of uLearn Music Terms & Conditions of membership which must be agreed to (along with fee payment) prior to attendance at lessons.
  • uLearn Music tutors will also agree to comply with each school’s individual guidelines/requirements (which may include signing in and completion of relevant forms), in addition to the uLearn Music Covid Safe Plan.
  • uLearn Music tutors will be provided anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser (brass/woodwind tutors to also provide own dropcloth, drum tutors to also provide own seat cloth).
  • uLearn Music students will be required to use their own personal sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes as well as their own pencil to their music kit (brass/woodwind students to also provide own dropcloth, drum students to also provide own drum sticks and seat cloth).




  • Tutors to use the provided hand sanitiser upon arrival at school and before/after each lesson/rehearsal
  • Students to use the provided hand sanitiser before/after their lesson/rehearsal

Respiratory Hygiene:

  • Tutors will not attend the school if unwell
  • Elbows or tissues will be used to cover any cough/sneeze
  • Tissues will be disposed of immediately after any cough/sneeze
  • Hand sanitiser will be used after each cough/sneeze


  • Wind/Brass/String instruments – no instruments will be shared
  • Brass Instruments – must provide own dropcloth (to be washed regularly)
  • Drums – must use own drumsticks (no shared), must also provide own seat cloth
  • Auxiliary Percussion Instruments – wiped down by the user after each use (before being allocated to another student)
  • Music Stands/Chairs/Benches – wiped down by the user before and after each lesson/rehearsal
  • Door handles / knobs to be wiped down at the end of each day

Physical Distancing

  • Tutors to maintain physical distance between themselves and school staff.
  • Tutors to maintain adequate distance between themselves and students.
  • No shaking hands or other physical touching.
  • Where required, uLearn Music tutors will meet students at school gates, so as to avoid parents (non-essential visitors) coming on site.
  • Parents are to remain outside the music room during lessons.


Planning & Preparations in the Event of Missed Lessons:

School Closures

In the event of temporary school closures:

  • All uLearn Music rehearsals and lessons will be pivoted online via zoom (no timetable/schedule changes)
  • Online lesson details will be communicated directly to parents and facilitated by uLearn Music permanent staff (admin and program managers)

uLearn Music Tutor Absences

In the event of an absent tutor (due to sickness):

  • Another approved uLearn Music tutor will be arranged to cover these lessons.
  • In the event that a suitable tutor cannot be arranged:
    • lessons will be credited

uLearn Music Student Absences

In the event of an absent student (due to sickness):

  • More than 24 hours notice: via the uLearn Music Portal – Lesson charges are automatically removed (not credited).
  • Less than 24 hours notice: Lesson is forfeited. Charges still apply.


Hygiene products used:


Selleys bathroom tough wipes: Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.47% w/w


Sanitiser: Scotts sanitiser OR Glitz Waterless Hand Sanitiser



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Our Philosophy

The philosophy at uLearn Music is simple: that everyone has the ability to enjoy and create music! Research shows that we retain musical knowledge far more effectively than other knowledge. For example, think back to when you were at school. Try to remember a specific fact that a particular teacher taught you. Hard, isn’t it. Now try to remember a specific song that you learnt. I’m sure you found that memory a lot easier to recall! The fact is that ALL of us can learn to play and/or sing music!

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