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Choosing an instrument is not always easy. If you’d like to find out more about the best instrument for a young student just starting out, read more below


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uLearn Music recommend the following instruments. All uLearn Music and Lynbrook School of Music students are eligible for a discount from our local instrument store.

Please only buy instruments from a reputable music store. Purchasing an instrument from a supermarket chain will not be suitable for learning on and may require you to purchase another instrument only a few months down the track as the student advances.


Featured Instruments

Yamaha PSR E363

The Yamaha PSR E363 is a great student keyboard which is touch responsive. This is the minimum starting point for keyboard / piano students. You can also consider the higher models for more sounds and features.

Yamaha NP12

An alternative to the keyboard above, the Yamaha NP12 is also a student keyboard which is touch responsive. It doesn’t have some of the additional sounds of the above model. If you are after a keyboard without the distractions this is for you.

Valencia Classical Guitar

The Valencia student classical guitars are a great starting point for younger students. The nylon strings don’t hurt the fingers as much as an acoustic guitar when practicing.
1/2 Size – Small
3/4 Size – Medium
4/4 Size – Full size

Fender Squier Vintage Bass Short Scale

The Fender Squier Vintage Bass Short Scale is ideal for younger students or smaller students that might struggle to reach the frets on a traditional Bass Guitar. This ‘Short Scale’ bass is a great solution. Currently discontinued, however there are still some second hand ones around.

Yamaha DTX-402

YAMAHA - DTX402 Electronic Drum Kit

The YAMAHA – DTX402 Electronic Drum Kit comes equipped with 10 professional drum kits made with world-famous sounds.
*** PARENTS ***
You can plug headphones in to this kit so students practice times are not intrusive on the rest of the family.
Mahalo Uke

MAHALO Soprano

The MAHALO Soprano ukulele is an affordable instrument and a great starting place to begin learning the uke. There are also professional models available.


What We Do

Intro To Music Lessons

Introduce beginner students to music lessons through short dedicated lessons to cover the basics and get students up to speed quickly. These music lessons are 4 weeks of 15 minute private lessons. (1 lesson per week)

Group Music Lessons

For children up to 9 years of age, group music lessons (up to 3 students) for guitar or piano are a great way of getting started

Semi-Private Music Lessons

For children ages 10 to 12, or siblings, a semi-private music lesson (up to 2 students) per class

Private Music Lessons

For teenagers or adults, private music lessons are available for all our instruments.

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