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Lessons are not held during school holiday periods or on public holidays. Fee invoices take into account any such days. You can always log in to the system to check whether lessons are being held or not. Lessons will still be held on school curriculum days.


Using our student / teacher portal (Accessed from the Home page of the website), you can mark your absence directly on the system. If you have notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will not be charged for this lesson. Email or Text messages do not count as notification. The only way to receive a credit for the lesson is to mark this directly on the portal. A regular email reminder can be set up which is turned on by default. This gives you more than 24 hours’ notice for each lesson. Credits raised from missed lessons will be credited towards the next terms invoice. This process is automatic and deducted from your invoice total. If the student is absent for 2 weeks in a row without notification, their place may be forfeited and made available to new students. Remember to mark on the portal if the student is attending a school camp or excursion.


Lessons are typically held in the Music Room of the school. Some lessons are held in an alternative room (e.g. Lyndhurst also uses the ‘Junior Music Room’). Check the uLearn Facebook page for images of the entrance to the class rooms.


When you enrol for music lessons at uLearn Music you will automatically be enrolled for subsequent terms. This includes lessons in the next year. If you wish to cancel enrolment, you must give us 1 weeks prior notice in writing via sms or email. All customers must agree to the details provided in this document.
***By continuing lessons with uLearn Music you agree to the terms and conditions HERE.***


All term lesson fees are payable in advance. All term payments are due by the 1st lesson of the term and must be paid in full. Lesson fees must not be made to the primary school. The school is a rented facility only and uLearn Music is a private business with no affiliation to the public school system. A number of payment options are available on the invoice:- Bank transfer (details on invoice)- Credit Card (Use the blue link provided on the term invoice)


The student / parent / guardian will notify uLearn Music of any change of address and / or phone number. Please supply an emergency contact phone number.


From time to time a tuition book may need to be purchased, depending on the teachers requirements. As much as possible, uLearn Music will be able to supply the first book for beginner students and make this available for purchase at the lessons. These books must be paid for at the time of collection and are not included in lesson fees. If the student is starting lesson for the first time, they will need to purchase books after the first week when the teacher will assess the appropriate level.


Students are not required to bring their own instruments to lessons (except violin and flute). All students are required to have an instrument at home to practise with. No amount of teaching can replace the valuable and important concept of practising at home. If an instrument is not available, and practise cannot take place, your child will very quickly become disengaged with their musical learning and possibly want to give up. The last thing any teacher wants is for a student to have a negative experience of music! Please contact us via email or phone if you require assistance on purchasing an instrument. We offer a very affordable instrument rental system and can help you with your instrument purchase. Find out more about instruments here.

It is with much excitement that I welcome you to uLearn Music. The lessons will be fun, exciting, relevant and take advantage of modern technology to help engage students in their learning.  Practical aspects of music lessons will be taught on up-to-date musical equipment.


It is not unusual for a student to try to resist practising.  Here are some tips in helping your child with their practising:

While daily practise is often recommended, we recommend a minimum of 5 times per week with 10-30 minutes per session depending on the students age. Please check with the students teacher for specific recommendations;

– Help your child to establish a set routine for practise. For example, create a timetable and assist your child in keeping to the timetable;

– Practising for more than 30 minutes at a time is not easy for children (especially younger children).  Encourage them to practise in smaller time blocks (e.g. 15 minutes), or to take breaks during longer practise sessions. Regular practise cannot be replaced by one long session;

– Where a child is resisting practising, by all means remind them of the importance of practising to develop skills.  However, resist forcing them to practise as negative experiences can lead to a child giving up altogether.  By all means, if your child is just not enjoying music and wants to give up, let them do so (speak to your teacher first);

– At all times, ENCOURAGE your child.  Listen to their playing and praise them.  Point out where improvements have been made.  Headphones are a great tool for electronic instruments (such as Keyboards, Electric Guitars and Electric Drums), however do not force your child to always use headphones. An impression that “my parents don’t want to hear me play” is devastating for a child!

– Keep tabs on the material being studied in class by accessing the student / teacher portal and reviewing the teacher’s notes.




This website is continuously updated. Check regularly for up to date news specifically related to our music school, forms, teacher information and event information. Announcements are also made through social media about new lessons being offered and special events.

I am confident uLearn Music will help all students to develop a passion for music. As a Teacher, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy on the face of a student who realises that they really can achieve! I know our music teachers feel the same way. Welcome to uLearn Music!

David Taylor

School Manager

What Drives Us

Our Philosophy

The philosophy at uLearn Music is simple: that everyone has the ability to enjoy and create music! Research shows that we retain musical knowledge far more effectively than other knowledge. For example, think back to when you were at school. Try to remember a specific fact that a particular teacher taught you. Hard, isn’t it. Now try to remember a specific song that you learnt. I’m sure you found that memory a lot easier to recall! The fact is that ALL of us can learn to play and/or sing music!