COVID-19: Remote classes available


Remote classes available now!

uLearn Music has had the opportunity to start teaching lessons online. Lessons are now being run through Zoom by our current teachers. We have varying days and times available. In order to take classes through Zoom, you need access to:

  • A working microphone and webcam access
  • A common room in your house to take lessons
  • An instrument to play on

uLearn Music also asks that you consider the following:

  • Students must be appropriately dressed
  • Lessons must operate under parental supervision if possible

We have a timetable available for you to choose a teacher and lesson time from.

If you want to book a Zoom lesson, please contact us now!

When will these classes run?

Online lessons are available Monday - Saturday with our teachers, from 9:00am onward! 

Due to lessons being held online, we also offer the option to continue lessons through school holidays!