Courtenay Gardens music lessons


Are you interested...

In instrumental music lessons after school held at Courtenay Gardens?


We have teachers available to cover piano, violin, guitar, drums & vocals. Depending on the level of interest, we will make lessons available for these instruments after school.

Lesson Days

If you are interested in someone from your family learning an instrument, please complete the registration form below and let us know which days are most suitable.

Lesson types

We have 3 lesson types available:

Group lessons (3 students max, piano & guitar)

Price: $16.50

Students aged up to 9 years of age

Semi-private (2 students max)

Price: $24.00

Private (1 Student)

Price: $33.00


In order to determine the level of interest in music lessons, please complete the following registration form:

More information

For more information about uLearn Music, please visit the other pages on the website: